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Co2 CRyo Jet Rentals

Special FX Rentals is one of the world’s largest special effect providers. Our Co2 Special Effects are the most trusted and reliable Co2 Cryo Jet Rentals across the United States. We offer hundreds of Co2 Cryo Jets, Handheld Co2 Cryo Jet Guns and Dual Nozzle Cryo Jets in house available for rental or sale.

Special Effects Rentals

Co2 Cryo Jets have become an important rental for concerts, private events, nightclubs, mitzvahs and many other live event productions. Special FX Rentals cryo jets have been rented and sold to the nations biggest brands and artist including: Live Nation , AEG, Foam N’ Glow “World’s Largest Foam Party”, Dilion Francis, The Chainsmokers, Mid Atlantic Event Group and many other nationally known production companies and artist.

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Special FX Rental has been the trusted partner for many of the world’s largest artist.

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