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Nationwide Close Proximate Fireworks

Close proximate pyrotechnics is a type of pyrotechnic display that is designed for use in live entertainment events such as concerts, festivals, and other performances on stage. These displays are often customized to fit the specific needs of the event and may include a variety of effects such as fireworks, flames, smoke, herbs, mines, comets and much more.

To organize a close proximate pyrotechnic display, it is recommended to work with a professional pyrotechnics company such as Special FX Rentals that specializes in this type of event effects. Special FX Rentals has the expertise and equipment needed to create a safe and effective display that will meet the needs or your event.

When working with a pyrotechnics company, it is important to discuss your specific needs and goals for the display. This includes factors such as the size of the event, the location, and any special effects or themes that you want to incorporate.

Special FX Rentals is a professional pyrotechnics company that provides a wide range of pyrotechnic services for events and productions. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Pyrotechnic displays: Special FX Rentals specializes in creating high-quality, customized pyrotechnic displays for events of all sizes. Their displays can include a wide range of effects such as fireworks, flames, smoke, and lasers.
  2. Stage pyrotechnics: Special FX Rentals can provide a range of stage pyrotechnics for theatrical productions and concerts. This can include effects such as flames, sparks, smoke and more.
  3. Product launches: Special FX Rentals can provide pyrotechnic displays and effects for product launches and marketing events. This can include effects such as product reveals, smoke, and flames.
  4. Custom effects: Special FX Rentals can work with clients to create customized pyrotechnic effects that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, Special FX Rentals is a full-service pyrotechnic company that can provide a wide range of services for events and productions of all types. We specialize in creating safe and stunning displays and effects that leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Special FX Rentals® is one of the world’s largest special effects providers. Our Close Proximate Fireworks are the most trusted and reliable services across the United States. We offer many Close Proximate Fireworks such as line rockets, gerbs, mines, flame projectors, sparkular jets and more. Our team is standing by and ready for your next event.


 Gerbs – Mines – Comets – Flashpots – Concussions – Fireballs/ Mortar Hits – Line Rockets – Whistles – Airburst – Flame Projectors – Waterfalls

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