Confetti Cannon Rentals In Nashville, TN

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Confetti Cannon Rentals in Nashville, TN

Special FX Rentals offers confetti cannon rentals to Nashville, TN. Our rental locations stock continuous flow confetti cannons, electric cartridge confetti cannons and air filled confetti cannons for tours, festivals, concerts, private events and more.

Confetti Cannons For Rent in Nashville, TN

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What Type of Confetti Cannon Do I Need?

Confetti has been at concerts for decades and it’s the perfect go to when you’re looking to wow your audience. Special FX Rentals has top of the line confetti cannons in stock and ready to ship to Nashville, TN.

Our continuous flow confetti cannons are great for blasts lasting longer then 5 seconds. These cannons can launch confetti upwards of 80 feet in the air both indoors and outdoors. These units come with valves where you can control the flow of the confetti intake.

If you’re looking for a DMX trigged or time coded confetti blast our electric shot confetti cannons are the perfect fit. With full DMX capabilities you can trigger our single shot or 4 shot electric confetti cannons remotely. These units require electric cartridge confetti shooters which range in size from 12″ to 23″ depending on the size of your venue space. 

Lastly, our traditional air filled confetti cannons are great when CO2 or DMX is unavailable. These units can blast confetti and streamers over 40ft in the air.

If you are still unsure what confetti rental is best for you please call the Special FX Rentals staff at (215) 791-2776 for a free consultation. Our Special FX experts have the knowledge and show experience to find the right solution for you.

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