The Showven uFlamer Rental is a global pioneer of vertical fluid driven flame effect, with flame heights up to 30ft. Equipped with built-in fuel tank and pumping system makes it super easy to setup and operate. The fuel for uFlamer is ISOPAR, which is much safer compared to existing gas flamers on the market. It is an ideal effect for concerts, festivals, tours, sporting events, grand entrances and more!

  • Flame up to 30ft
  • Built-in 5L fuel tank, equals to 83 seconds of effects time (Supports an external tank)
  • No external hose connection needed, easier for setup
  • Safety lock with switchable test mode
  • Tilt protection, the tilt sensor will be activated when machine slant Over 45°
  • Intelligent control system, safer for use
  • Standard DMX control, compatible with all DMX consoles
  • Machine running status monitoring with SHOWVEN host controller

The Showven uFlamer is available for nationwide rentals. All renters must provide an insurance certificate and proof of license/certification to rent the Showven uFlamer, Special FX Rentals can provide a certified licensed technician for an additional fee.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in

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