Boreas S4 Snow Machine Rental


Boreas S4 Snow Machine Rental


  • The S4 Snow Machine can create both blizzard-like conditions and beautiful, gently falling flurries. A relatively compact package, the S4 is well-suited for use in plays, movie sets, winter attractions, and many other types of applications.
  • Two Stage Blower Fans – The S4 features a 1350W High Fan Setting and an 800W Low Setting, allowing the user to choose the output and audio level that is best suited for their needs. 
  • True 0-100% Variable Control – The included remote allows the user to choose any flake size with the turn of a dial. The S4 features almost dust-sized particles at the low end and heaps of heavy snow at the high end. 
  • Integrated Noise Reduction – The S4 has noise reduction material built into the internals of the machine to ensure that it can operate as quietly as possible in live performance situations. 
  • Large Fluid Tank and Hanging Bracket – The S4 can hold up to 5 liters of snow fluid, meaning it can be run for a very long time on lower output settings. The included hanging bracket allows for maximum flexibility in installation and usage.
  • The S4 features a low (800W) and a high (1,350W) fan setting, allowing for greater flexibility for your power and output needs
  • Soundproofing has been built directly into the machine chassis to ensure that the machine operates as quietly as possible
  • Adjustable DMX Output
Additional information
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 in

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