Handheld E-Cartridge Confetti Gun

$495.00 $395.00


Great for DJs, clubs or gender reveals! 

The Triple Threat Electric Confetti launcher is the perfect choice for all indoor or outdoor events. With this confetti gun you can launch streamers and/or confetti E-Cartridges with a pull of the trigger!  No wires to deal with, no barrels to load, no setup time, and no extra personnel to have on staff. The confetti gun only takes seconds to load!

The handheld electric confetti launched does require E-Cartridge confetti cannons which are sold separately. We offer various E-Cartridges to choose from to shoot confetti and streamers from 15 ft to 50 ft +!

Required Equipment (Sold Separately):

Disposable E-cartridges

Available in 3 sizes: 12″, 19″ and 23″