Salamander Canister Flame Effect Rental

Rent From $300.00


The Salamander Canister Flame Effect Rentals small footprint allows single units to easily be coupled together collectively in a 4-up configuration to produce coloured or natural flames ranging in height from 4m to 6m / 10′ to 20′. The visual effect is truly stunning.

  • Propane style flame from 4m/10′ (single unit) to 6m/20′ (4 units) 
  • On-board DMX 512 support
  • Simple set-up with canister convenience
  • Up to 30 seconds continuous flame or 50 short bursts
  • Flame columns and flame bursts
  • Low maintenance
  • Safety features

(All renters must provide an insurance certificate and proof of license/certification to rent the Salamander Canister Flame Effect Rental, Special FX Rentals can provide a certified licensed technician for an additional fee)

Total: $ ( days)